Efficient interoperability in healthcare has never been this easy.

With a focus on continuous innovation, CareFlow is the first interactive platform for healthcare operations that is proven to increase your revenue, decrease your overhead and create a healthy systematic operation that flows.

Features that create a reality of smooth flowing healthcare operations:

Futuristic Interoperability

Built for the future of technology with the latest interoperability standards that conform to HL7 and FHIR. Every aspect of the program was UX-optimized with an interface that can even be fun to work on. The platform was created with an API driven architecture which utilizes a single endpoint that is easily integratable with all your operation’s software.

Central Platform

Mise-En-Place Style, one dedicated source for all relevant data. No copy and pasting from spreadsheets or searching multiple chats for missing information. One straightforward place to find it all.

Real-time Updates

On-demand news as it happens in your facility. Quit waiting for the end-of-day report to be updated on census changes. Ensure every department can get working on any unforeseen circumstance as it crops up.

Trackable Insight

Hard data backed by trackable insight on the trends of your operations. Easily pull reports that empower your complicated decisions with confidence backed by knowledge. Your margin of error doesn’t have room for guesswork.

Accessible Oversight

Accessible oversight into the underbelly of your operations decreases your overhead and allows you to easily detect any glitches or blindspots. Instant alerts ensure that nothing important is ever missed.

Seamless Workflow

A streamlined system, cohesively performed across all departments pumps your operations with productivity. Completed tasks are inputted in real-time preventing any double work. Filling in for a colleague is simple as every team member speaks the same language.
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