Thousands of healthcare organizations face the same difficulties that you do each day.

  • Lack of Oversight: When money is left on the table because of management unawareness
  • Lost Revenue: When a human error becomes a costly write-off
  • Wasted Effort: When two staff members simultaneously work on the same task
  • Missed Information: When important data is lost while being shared on too many platforms
  • Frazzled Takeovers: When covering for colleagues entails learning a personalized system.

We're determined to create the solution built for every workflow of a healthcare organization

reflow: referral management

A seamless referral workflow, that you can accept before the competition does

With a small window of opportunity, you can’t afford to miss a referral request, nor waste time on double benefit, clinical and payor checks. And you definitely can’t afford to admit without them.

A seamless referral workflow, all while the clock ticks.

resflow: resident management

Admissions that smoothly admit with all the details in a row

Tracking payor changes, admissions and discharges to ensure census is high and days are covered. Work with a graphical bed board that allows you to strategically fill beds. Enter data once with system integrations that ensure accurate updates flow through every platform.

A seamless census management workflow: Done once, done right.

caseflow: case management

Resident stays that are covered in full with an authorization

With reality resembling messy spreadsheets and missed case manager updates, missing a ‘next review date’ happens. But your bottom line can’t afford the costly unpaid days.

A seamless case management workflow, leaving no room for human error.

Together, we can build the future.

The dream of a single platform that includes modules for every step of the operational journey:

Billing Management

Increase collections with decreased administrative efforts
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With an encyclopedia-style instruction manual for each insurance, it’s impossible to stay up to date on all requirements. Costly rejections are inevitable and require a lot of manpower and follow-up.

CashFlow generates claim information and scrubs for inaccuracies thereby reducing rejections. Insurance payor ERAs are automatically posted and balances reconciled. Denials are added to a task list with deadline alerts.

Audit Management

Resolve appeals smoothly and get paid faster
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The never-ending onslaught of appeals is draining. With data entered on multiple spreadsheets it's impossible to effectively respond and keep track of every ADR, RAC, audit or appeal.

AuditFlow tracks each status in a streamlined dashboard. The necessary documentation is assembled and submitted via HIPAA-compliant electronic delivery.

Contract Management

Navigate insurance contracts with strategic insight
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With so many moving parts it's hard to determine the contract terms and payors that are fit for your healthcare facility.

DealFlow tracks all data associated with your insurance contracts, from effective dates, to terms and clauses. Data insight is even pulled from referral trends so your facility is in-network with the necessary payor sources.

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"Finally, the millions of details that go into managing every step of a healthcare facility are all in one place. No more wasted time checking emails, chats or text messages – or missing the important info altogether."
sean graham

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