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Who we are

CareFlow is modernizing healthcare operations with a platform that incorporates every legality and requirement of the detailed, dynamic care process. The new reality gives care teams immediate, real-time insight to every level of operations.

Our team is composed of talented software engineers, technologists and healthcare professionals who are constantly innovating to empower our clients with tools to retain their money, time and effort.

Why we care

Born problem solvers, our many conversations with healthcare executives on the inefficiencies of the industry forced us to look for a solution. As tech masters we knew that the answer lay in building proper software. In today’s day and age there simply had to be a smoother process. We set out to understand the problem from the inside and were immediately struck by the current archaic technology on every front of the healthcare continuum. Integrating with the widely used existing software proved to be a larger challenge than expected. Navigating each hurdle as it cropped up, we have finally created the solution.


5+ healthcare partners and growing

"Careflow offers a first of its kind, concretized structure that doesn't solely rely on manpower. Healthcare owners who are focused on the bottom line want oversight into operations, trends and glitches. If the program saves as little as 10k in write-offs, it's worth it for the efficiencies."
alicia marianelli
A CFO whose bottom line thanks her for using Careflow
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